Find the Weaving Girl and answer her questions. She will let you put on a 1-day 4 -star new garment

Visit any of the staff for the Chinese New Year celebration in Twin City, then you`ll receive a string of firecrackers and a Lucky New Year Pack.

After setting off the firecrackers at designated site, you`ll receive a Lucky New Year Pack.

Enter the Sacred City.
1. Open your interaction interface and select `Greeting`, then click on a random hero to send your greeting.
2. The hero receiving the greeting can select `Reward` or `Accept` for different results.

Bonus 1:
Raise Nian Beasts and buy special packs to get Red Envelopes. You can collect Blessing Points by giving out Red Envelopes.

Bonus 2:
Log in between Jan. 20 and Jan. 27 to get good rewards like Blessing Points, Bright Star Stones and +2 Stones (B).
Open the pack between Jan. 28 and Feb. 5 to get good rewards like lots of Blessing Points, Bright Star Stones and +3 Stones (B).
Open the pack between Feb. 6 and Feb. 12 to get good rewards like Radiant Star Stones, +5 Stones (B) and lots of Chi Points.

Collection Progress: 0/25

Flaming Lion

Requirement: Seal all 25 beasts on the Nian Beasts Book, then you can seal the Flaming Lion.

Introduction: It has formidable power. When it was young, it always messed around until it lost the treasures of God of Wealth and had to pay his debt by work.

Get Nian Beasts Book

1. Put Nian Beast Eggs into the incubator to start the challenge. After you seal the beast, the corresponding Nian Beasts Book will be activated.

2. Seal Nian Beasts of different qualities to get different amounts of Blessing Points. With the Blessing Points, you can compete on the Global Rankings!

3. If the Nian Beast has been activated, you can melt it directly to get Blessing Points and Beast Spirits. The Beast Spirits can be combined into Nian Beasts of designated qualities.

4. Seal 25 Nian Beasts to get secret rewards!

Activate Incubators

There are 3 incubators. Here are some ways to activate them.

1. Complete the main quests to activate 1 incubator.

2. On the third day of the event, you can activate 1 for free.

3. Consume a certain number of Lava Crystals to activate one.

Hatch Nian Beasts

1. Nian Beasts have 5 qualities: Normal, Refined, Unique, Elite and Super.

2. The better the quality of a Nian Beast is, the more time it will take for hatching.

3. You can speed up hatching for free 3 times a day. The hatching will complete immediately after speed-up.

4. When the free chances are used up, you need Star Mark Stones to speed up. You can get the stones by killing monsters.

Get Beast Eggs

1. Log in every day to open the Blissful Spring Bag and get 1 Nian Beast Egg (P3).

2. Use Chi Tokens and Outstanding Exploit Pack to get Nian Beast Eggs (P1/P2).

3. Kill monsters on Dragon Island/Deityland/Boss Base to get Nian Beast Eggs.

4. Defeat sacred beasts to have a chance to get Nian Beast Eggs, Lava Crystals and so on.

Feed the Strongest Nian Beast

1. Seal all 25 Nian Beasts, so you can challenge the the strongest Nian Beast Flaming Lion! If you seal it successfully, you will get 1 Flaming Lion Mount.

2. Feed the Flaming Lion to get Blessing Points.

3. You can feed it Silver, CPs (B), Meteors, Dragon Balls, +Stones and Nian Beast Spirits. It will give you abundant treasures when it`s full.

Ranking Language Server Group Server Character Blessing Points Reward
Ranking Language Server Group Server Blessing Points No.1 in the server

Requirement: No.1 on the Server Rankings and having the most Blessing Points