Global Fool & Fun

Duration: Mar. 31 to Apr. 13, 2020


Global Fool & Fun

Duration: Mar. 31 to Apr. 13, 2020

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How to get the Treasure Map?

You can get the Treasure Map/Treasure Map Piece by signing in each day, using Chi Tokens/Outstanding Exploit Pack, killing monsters in Dragon Island/Deityland/Boss Base and killing the respawned Boss for this event.

Playing Method of the Treasure Map

After using the Treasure Map, players will received a hint about digging treasures in a designated place. Corresponding challenge will be triggered later on and the player will be sent there.

Treasure Points

1. You`ll get 50 Treasure Points by completing the Treasure Hunt once.

2. Accumulate Treasure Points to get more rewards and upgrade your Treasure Hunter level.

3. The higher the Treasure Hunter level, the higher the chances of triggering advanced challenges.

4. Top 10 on both local and global rankings can get extra rewards.


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