Global Summer Vacation

Duration: Sept. 22, 2020 to Oct. 5, 2020


Mid-Autumn Festival

Help Make Mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, but Moon Fairy hasn`t got enough Mooncakes! Looking at the upset Moon Fairy, Marshal Tianpeng was also worried. So he announced that those who help him prepare enough Mooncakes will get great treasures!

Mid-Autumn Dice Game

Rabbits are great mooncake-makers! Join in the Mid-Autumn Dice Game to summon rabbits to make Mooncakes. You may be lucky to summon Holy Rabbits and win better rewards.

Workshop Upgrade

The more the rabbits, the higher the level of the Mooncake Workshop and the faster the production speed. Feed Carrots and Sweet Potatoes to Rabbit Supervisor to motivate it to work harder. If you get on the Global Mooncake Rankings, you will get priceless treasures.

Holy Dog Lair

The far side of the moon used to be a beautiful laurel forest. But everything changed since those evil dogs came. Help Wu Kang evict them to win great rewards!

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