Thanksgiving Celebration - Turkey Adventure

Adventurer, please

Note: Collect at least 6000 points to get ranked. The data is not real-time updated.

Rank Language Group Server Character Points Rewards Operation

3660 Thanksgiving Points Reward

7-day Title: Three Musketurkeers (Flurry)

50 Hunter Puzzles

5-Star Garment: Turkey Hunter (Terminator)

Gloabl No.1

5-Star Mount Armor: Solar Kylin

25 Hunter Puzzles

3-Star Garment: Turkey Hunter (B)

Gloabl No.1

Permanent Title: Three Musketurkeers (Brave)

Note: Please check out the actual effect in the game.

Turkey Fort

Turkey brothers and sisters have become furious and greedy suddenly. They took away the Thanksgiving gifts and made a lot of trouble in their forts. Go capture the forts and wake them up. 6th Turkey Brother will give you something nice in return!

Turkey Counsellor

Turkey Counsellor is hiding behind and making evil plans! Defeat him to get Golden and Silver Warrants, and then use them to capture those turkey forts!

Military Depot

There are many treasure boxes in the Military Depot of the turkey family. 6th Turkey Brother has opened it for you, so you can use Thanksgiving Coins to get some supplies!