Joyful Thanksgiving Ceremony


Durantion: Nov 24th, 02:00 - Dec. 14th 07:59(US server Time)

Nov 24th, 2020 - Dec. 07th, 2020

Note: Data is not updated in real time

Rank Language Group Server Character Points Reward Operation


Tracking the Arsonist

Farmer Lincoln’s Thanksgiving feast was destroyed by a fire. Come and help him put out the fire. Follow the trail of the arsonist and go to Turkey Village to search for prisoners, sweep away the chicken thieves, and challenge the powerful evil of magic. Fight the chicken, you can find the black hand behind the scenes-the Pleiadian star officer!

Glorious Valor

Collect 5 kinds of energy to charge up, activate the Glorious Valor, go to challenge the Officer Rooster behind the arson, and get the precious gift box!

Cross-server Turkey Farm

Welcome to the cross-server turkey farm, this is the paradise of turkeys. You can get a lot of rewards for defeat Officer Rooster , and you can also pray on the Gratitude Stone. You can also challenge the turkey lair twice a day. The monster chicken is powerful, you can team up with Cross-server heroes to challenge.


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