Summer Carnival

Duration: Jul. 13th to Jul.26 th

Summer Carnival

Duration: Jul. 13th to Jul.26 th

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Explore Swirls

The Octonauts are ready to dive deep into the Sea of Soda, to explore the mysterious Swirls down there. Captain Buck is recruiting heroes to take the adventure together with them! This cool trip sounds like fun in this hot summer!

Challenge Soda Island

Soda Island is like a perfect paradise for foodies. There are all kinds of tasty fruits. One day, those fruits have been stolen by the Soda Robbers! Captain Crunch is recruiting heroes to guard the island. Come and defeat those robbers to bring peace back!

Have Fun Drinking Soda

How can we do without refreshing soda in summer? Each member from the Octonauts loves a different flavor. Come and drink soda with them to win their favorability and Cool Points, and then get ranked on the global rankings for luxurious prizes, including exclusive garments and Mount Armors!

Adventure on Cool Land

Experience and challenge different stories on the Cool Land, such as Nezha & Aobing, Monkey King & Sea Pillar, Nemo & Marlin, and the Furious Dragon King. Join the Octonauts and find out what’s going on in each story!

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