Share Graceful Moonlight & Surprises This Mid-Autumn

Sept. 17th to Sept. 30th

Dear adventurer, please

Note: There may be delay in data updating. The Jade Chariot needs to be at lease level 100 to be ranked and get corresponding reward.

Rank Language Group Server Character JadeChariot Level Prize Operation

Jade Chariot Reaches L400

1 permanent Starry Jade Chariot (B)

50 Lunar Sheen Fragments

1 permanent Lunar Sheen (Tenderness) (B)

Jade Chariot Reaches L100

1 permanent Jade Chariot (B)

25 Lunar Sheen Fragments

1 permanent Lunar Sheen (B)

Note: The actual visual effect in game may vary due to enhancement or change.

Jade Chariot

Jade Rabbit`s Jade Chariot is broken, so it cannot send the rabbit back to the Moon Palace. You need to collect enough Sacred Twigs, Jade Brocades and Jade Wheels to fix it. You can also upgrade it to get ranked on the Moon Hero Rankings to win luxurious rewards!

Sacred Woodland

The Woodworms are destroying Sacred Woods recently. Help Spring Fairy get rid of them to get precious Sacred Twigs and Sacred Seeds! Plant the seeds in the Sacred Woodland to harvest Sacred Twigs!

Jade Attic

The precious Jade Brocades are kept in the Jade Attic. Glow Fairy has set plenty of traps to stop Jade Beats from destroying the Jade Brocades. You must dodge the traps and kill those Jade Beasts to get Jade Brocades!

Sept. 17th to Sept. 30th