Jingle Bells Xmas Snowman Adventure

Dec. 28th - Jan. 10th

Note: You should at least have 10,000 points to be on the list. The data is not real-time updated.

Rank Language Group Server Character Points Rewards Operation

Xmas Dungeon

Xmas Dungeon is taken by Red-hood Witch. The snowmen there are badly injured. Only Magic Snowballs can save them. Go repair the snowmen and break the evil spell to win Wish Bells! Make wishes to gain Xmas gifts, Snow Points and get ranked on the Snow Hero Rankings!

Dark Maze

Dark Maze is cursed by Red-hood Witch, so are the Unlucky Snowmen. Defeat those snowmen to help them break the curse, but you may get cursed, too. Only by defeating a certian number of Unlucky Snowmen can you summon Snowman King to break the curse on you and get his blessings!

Snowman Land

Tower Snowman Tribe is under attack by Black Squid army led by Octopusio. Plain Snowmen are hiding under the snowfield. The Holy Tree Leaves, guarded by Holy Tree Snowmen, are falling down. Fiesta Snowmen are too timid to set off fireworks. Help the leaders of these four tribes solve the problems and gain their thank-you gifts!

No. 1 on Global Rankings

Permanent 5-Star Frozen Crest (Frost)

30 Frozen Crest Fragments

Permanent 3-Star Frozen Crest (B)

50 Frozen Crest Fragments

Permanent 5-Star Frozen Crest (Frost)

50 Frosty Feathers

Permanent Frosty Heart (Plume)

Note: Please check out the actual effect in the game.