Share the Graceful Moonlight Together

Adventurer, please

Rank Language Group Server Character Points Rewards Operation

Note: Get at least 20,000 Points to get ranked.

Illusion Compass Connects to Moon Palace

You may enter the Illusion Realm to help Houyi and Chang'e get back together. The Illusion Realm is a space connecting the earth and the Moon Palace. Collect Moon Points to rotate the Illusion Compass so as to control the day and night there. If you can complete the Day & Night challenge, the Illusion Compass will reverse the day and night automatically.

Find Chang'e in Illusion Realm

Complete the challenges in the Illusion Realm to collect materials and help Houyi meet Chang'e. Go to the Moon Palace through the Illusion Realm, and you'll meet Chang'e and even the Jade Toad King.

Exchange Raven Essences for Gifts

Help Houyi shoot the sun to get Raven Essence and then use it to make Mid-autumn garments, Back Accessories, Weapon Accessories, Mount Armors, etc. Help Houyi and Chang'e get back together and collect Reunion Points to get stage rewards and get ranked to win more luxurious prizes!