Here are some of the event rewards. Please check out the announcement in the game for more information.
Thanksgiving Weapon Accessory
Turkery Terminator Title
·Help the Turkey Breeder catch 10 turkeys every day from Nov. 26 to Dec. 9.
  1. 10 turkeys ran away! They're hiding on the Dragon Island (Infernal Palace in Endeavor_EU server).
  2. After locating a turkey, you can ask the Turkey Breeder to send you there directly.
  3. Click on the turkey and consume a Turkey Vine to challenge. You can capture it when successfully challenge it.
  4. Every turkey offers abundant rewards to the hero who is the first to defeat it, while other heroes can continue to challenge it.
  5. When a random turkey is defeated at the first time, the other turkeys will be provoked and upgrade by 1 phase, and the rewards will be better.
  6. Every day when a P10 turkey is defeated, all the participants in the server will get a Catching Turkey Pack. If not, the reward will be a Turkey Running Pack instead.
·From Nov. 5 to Dec. 2, heroes can talk to the Supervisor to enter the Thanksgiving Hall.
·Have a dance with the Youthful Girl or play Tread Turkey game with Mr. Bear in the hall.
·After Dec. 3, you can also play puzzle game with Sherlock.
·Join in various games in the the hall to collect Thanksgiving Coins which can be exchanged for rewards in Lucky Turkey's store.
·From Nov. 26 to Dec. 9, the Thanksgiving Angel can send heroes to the Bliss Island (cross-server map).
·Heroes can talk to Lucy, Lily, Lisa, and Lena on the Bliss Island to make Thanksgiving prayer.
  1. After you start praying, you need to stay on the Bliss Island for at least 3 minutes to get a reward.
  2. Heroes can also claim a universal reward when the number of participants of each language version reaches 10, 50, 100, 150 and 200.
  3. The universal rewards are for all heroes from different CO versions.
·From Nov. 26 to Dec. 9, the Thanksgiving Angel can send heroes to the Bliss Island (cross-server map).
·Thanksgiving dance ball is held on the Bliss Island. Heroes can talk to the Dancer to perform a dance on the stage.
  1. The Dancer provides four types of dance for you to choose from and will reward you for finishing each type for the first time.
  2. Make your choice and get onto the stage, then dance at least 5 seconds to finish it.
  3. There are four dancing turkeys around the stage representing the dance ball atmosphere of different language versions.
  4. There is also a global turkey flavor ranking which refreshes at 00:00 every day. All the participants can claim a rank prize of their own language here.