Flower Whisper

Feb. 10, 2022 - Feb. 23, 2022


Note: Accumulate at least 5000 points to get listed. Non-real-time update.

Ranking Language Server Group Server Character Point Reward Operation

Spring Splendor

Spring has decorated Flower Garden with blooming flowers! You can send gifts to the Flower Fairy you like and water her with Morning Dew to help her become the Flower Queen! You will get wonderful rewards as well as the Flower Fairy`s favor!

Spring Flowerbed

Go to 6 Flowerbeds to meet different challenges! Complete those challenges to win rewards like Morning Dew and Flower Tickets. You can also go to Spring Flowerbed (CS) to expel Flower-eater and protect the pure garden.

Flower Queen Rankings

You will be rewarded with Lucky Petals for using Morning Dews. Use Lucky Petals for draw to win surprising rewards and collect Flower Points for competing on Flower Queen Rankings!

No.1 on Global Rankings

Permanent Snow Miracle (Frost)

No.1 on Global Rankings

1 360-day Dewy Shine (B)

Note: Please refer to the in-game effect.